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About Majestic CM

Majestic Condominium Management LLC was formed under the Limited Liability Company act of Michigan for the purpose of managing the operations of condominium developments in Livonia and surrounding communities.

Majestic CM started in 1998 when the need arose for an efficient, responsive and involved management company for a Livonia condominium development. Using backgrounds in management and building maintenance the company grew and developed procedures to address clients concerns and requirements.

Majestic CM forms an alliance with the condominiums Board of Directors and officers to handle the daily operations of the association. Functions include accounting, bidding contractors, handling work requests and complaints and assisting in enforcing the association bylaws and rules.

Majestic CM constantly monitors the community industry. The knowledge gained is passed on to the various Boards and is used to further enhance the association’s abilities to perform their function as caretakers of the organization. Majestic uses its maintenance knowledge to select quality service companies and to verify completed service, they also assure preventative maintenance is performed regularly where required.

Helping Associations Grow Stronger Through Better Management

Majestic Condominium Management LLC​